WordPress Developer

Hi I’m Will Patton, WordPress Developer. Guitar Player, Tech Enthusiast, 3D Printing Nerd and Father of 2. I’m based in rainy Scotland, UK.

I build your Awesome Websites.

I write about WordPress, SEO and general Web Development.

williampatton’s wordpress contributor badges:
  • Theme Review Team
    Theme Review Team
  • Theme Developer
    Theme Developer
  • Accessibility Contributor
    Accessibility Contributor
  • Core Contributor
    Core Contributor
  • Plugin Developer
    Plugin Developer
  • WP-CLI Contributor
    WP-CLI Contributor
  • WordPress Theme Review Team Lead and long time team member. Link
  • Component Maintainer for the Themes component of the WordPress Project. Link
  • Various contributions of code, expertise and time to the WordPress open source project and community. Link
  • I share completely open source code and participate in open source projects. Link

All the help, support and expertise you need to run a WordPress based Business.