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Two Weeks with Gutenberg

Time flys by. It's been about 2-3 weeks since I first tried the Gutenberg editor. I've seen 3 updates bringing various tweaks here and there plus the addition of a new block type.

Gutenberg Editor – Updates are coming, not much is changing.

The Verse block was added in version 0.5.0.

Poets rejoice in the days of Gutenberg.
Published and shared for all to see.

Writing. Editing. Merging of content.

New experiences, outlets, sharing and connecting.
Words. A Voice.

Obviously you can see that I'm no poet. The verse block seems to be not much more than a stylized text box. The same thing could be achieved with a standard textbox or even a blockquote.

Thoughts of Gutenberg So Far

My opinion of the future core editor for WordPress has not changed since I started to use it. I feel like it's perfectly fine for writing text content, it's still lacking variety of blocks and that I am concerned over how data is stored.

I provided a short review noting my concerns over data storage at the plugin page in the repo. If you have any feedback you should provide it to the authors as well, either in the plugin repo or at the github project.

From what I see with some of the block types the intention will be for themes to style them to match their designs. So far no themes I have looked at using Gutenberg contain any such styles. Until the end result of using Gutenberg exceeds the result of doing a similar thing in the existing editor I don't think this project is anywhere near close to inclusion in core.

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