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4 Tips To Writing More & Better Blog Posts

I used to write a lot of blog posts on a number of different topics. I even had paid positions for weekly articles. The last few years I’ve written less and less. Subjects have narrowed to mainly web developer focused topics as I no longer have the time or the inclination to explore such widely diverse topics in-depth to write about them. What I learned might be useful tips for others. Here’s a couple of takeaways from sharing blog content online for the last 8-10 years.

1. Write What I know Already

You don’t always need to write about brand new topics or vary the discussion with other points of view. It’s ok to sometimes just write what you know and are good at. I am happy to write about what I know. Realizing that fact has allowed me to start writing more frequently and more The words flow easier, it requires less research and reference material and I can be more confident what I am saying is accurate.

2. Enjoy It, Even when Rambling

When I write I often ramble a lot. A simple idea may be 5 or 6 paragraphs by the time I’m done. during editing it becomes more concise. I should write it all down while I am enjoying it.

3. Edit After Some Time, But Not Too Much Time.

I have a terrible habit of part writing posts. 1000 words and in 1 session burns me out. I take a break and come back later, sometimes later is weeks later. The longer between sessions the hard it is to pick back up on the flow. The same is true between writing and editing. If you wait too long you can’t remember what you intended during a ramble and you may not edit it to give proper clarity because of that.

4. Keep All Drafts

I write many intros and parts of posts. I sometimes come back to them in a few days or weeks. Sometimes I’ve even came back to a post in drafts after 3 years. When you’re inspired the words come easy, when you loose that inspirations it’s hard to keep going. The inspiration can come back or something in the future can make the post more relevant or topical.

5. Incoherent Thoughts Are Sometimes Useful

Sometimes when you write stuff down it comes out wrong. Other times it is jumbled and badly arranged. I’ve even written things that on re-read make absolutely no sense. Even those incoherent thoughts are worth keeping. I mean there’s no reason not to keep them but you might be surprised how looking back on those can give new ideas or a burst of fresh inspiration.