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Open Source Projects That I Rely On To Effectively Do My Job – Part 3

There are a number of things that exist in the open source world without which I do no think I could do my Job. I am a Web Developer. I work on a range of projects using different systems, languages and processes. I work a lot with WordPress as well.

Many aspects of my work revolve around scanning logs, writing and reading code in a text editor and browsing the internet. I have my prefered programs for doing each of those tasks.

This is a set of articles that look at a lof of the open source projects that I rely on to do my job and do it effectively.

Online Applications

Some of the tools I use are online services or applications. In the open source world people build things and they share them. Since I am in the web developer sphere that means a lot of the circles I am in people build online software.

Online software is convenient because they are more portable and often accessible from a variety of devices. A lot of online services are powered by open source software (and that's not counting the unlaying OS or the fact that it probably uses Apache or NGINX to respond to people's browsers).


A lot of the work that I do relates back to WordPress in some way. It powers a huge amount of the publicly accessible internet. Sometimes I build for WP or extend it, other times I build things to work alongside it. Sometimes I just build server stacks capable of running it.

If WordPress was closed source, or did not exist, a god portion of my work would not come in.

GitHub – And Git

GitHub is a giant when it comes to source code management. GitHub manages code using an unlaying software called git. That software was started by the same man who started the linux kernel.

GitHub itself is not an open source application. I can't download a copy of it and run my own private version of it (but you can have private instances setup and managed by them, either hosted in the cloud or in-house). It is powered by an open software and also values open source greatly. Most projects hosted there are under some kind of open licence.

Other Online Git Services – BitBucket, GitLab

There are other repo hosts available. Bitbucket is a good choice. GitLab is also a good choice.

GitLab is an online service where you can host your code as well but it's an open software too. You can download it to run on your own server managed by yourself. It is extremely full featured – offering much of the same as github and bitbucket – as well as a lot of integrated CI and tooling.

Communications – Slack

Even talking to yourself can be useful at times, communication is better when more people can be involved and the conversations can be archived and searched. Slack lets that happen. It's actually not an open source project as such but a tool for communication that isn't email is essential when working online with others. 

Conversations happen in Chat Rooms. Slack provides nice rooms to have those conversations.