3D Printing

3D Printed Dragon Door Knocker

I like dragons and my wife likes dragons. I have been waiting to print this one for a while but it was a 32 hour print!

Only 100 grams of PLA but lots of outer wall distance meaning very slow details and tens of thousands of retractions. Printed on my Ender 3.

Leaving prints running overnight is still something I don’t like to do. I worry about what happens if it fails while I’m asleep. It has protection though. Thermal runaway protection and a smoke/heat detector combo would alert me to any major problems.

It’s still a bit of a scary prospect, I don’t want to put those failsafes to the test.

That being said any time I do print something that’s over 12 hours I like to print awesome things and this dragon turned out great. It doesn’t knock very well but that’s beside the point.

Designed by Shira – the files can be found on Thingiverse by searching. Dragon Door Knocker. Thing number 1458545.

Printed in white, coated with primer, painted with silver enamel and then a final wash of tinned black paint made it turn out great.

The finishing touch was gold eyes – printed in a shiny golden PLA with sparked flecks through it. It was a great way to finish it off.