One Post A Week In Gutenberg

I don't recall who said it or where I read it (and I frantically scrolled back through many days of social feeds to find it) but at some point in the last 2 weeks I'd heard someone say to try writing a post every week in the new Gutenberg editor.

I'm going to try do just that and see how it goes. There are going to be regular updates and tweaks so it may be fun to see a full evolution from now till the merge with core.

Why I Think This Is A Good Idea

There are two reason why I think this could be a good experiment. Especially for myself.

  1. Following development, reporting bugs, creating feature requests. The more I use Gutenberg the more I can be sure that the final product works how I want to use it.
  2. I've been incredibly lax on writing blog posts and creating new content in general in recent years. Partly due to time demands of a growing family but some other factors played a part in that too.

I would like to change the fact that I haven't done nearly as much writing as I could have. Encouraging myself to write something at least once a week I hope will build a habit that I can easily return to.

Ready For Production…?

I don't think Gutenberg is ready to use in production just yet. Perhaps in a month it could be closer but currently a lack of content blocks (or options for blocks) I feel would be useful – and many missing or broken styles – make is so usage is limited to personal sites or side-projects.

Posts like this one will be how I use Gutenberg and for the most part I expect primarily to use it for text. Paragraphs, headers, lists and links.

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